About Me

I am devoted to these three areas—each area strengthening the others: software development; data science; and information security. Let me expand a bit on each:

I’m passionate about developing software products that scales and performs up to the expectation. From my experience, I would say that adopting the emerging standards, choosing the right set of tools, having an awesome team and robust design is necessary for creating a maintainable project. I spend free time on research and prototyping applications, this enables me to mentor colleagues and making recommendations that yield a quality product.

I have a keen interest in developing data-driven products, especially recommender engines and interest graphs taking advantage of psychological facts.

The first computer virus infected on the system got me into the security world. From then onwards I am following the developments taking place over the InfoSec space. The first day on the Linux box wasn’t thrilling for me, after that, the time spent on figuring out things has helped to develop attitude to get my “hands dirty”

I’m always interested in hearing from software engineers, data analyst and security researchers, as well as entrepreneurs and looking for a new problem to solve, so if you’ve got a doozy you need hand with, feel free to contact me directly at hello@this domain / twitter.com/pranavek ~