Using Hibernate SessionFactory in Spring Boot App

To autowire Hibernate SessionFactory in the Spring Boot application, the SpringSessionContext - implementation of the Hibernate’s CurrentSessionContext interface - can be used.

Loading Multiple Version of the Same Class

There comes a time we are forced to use multiple version of a library in the project. The Java system classloader will load a specific class only once. To load different implementation of a class reside in different versions of JAR file, we can make use of

Using Multiple DataSource In Spring Boot App

1. Overview

Spring Boot will load properties from the file which resides in the application class path and add them to the Spring Environment.

Java Swing File Chooser for JRuby on Rails App

This blog post is based on a experimentation I did to integrate Java Swing file chooser on a JRuby on Rails backed web application. Let me warn you, this a dirty hack, wanted to see if the idea would work, not at all recommended for production use. Did this out of curiosity!